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Spansion Inc. was an American-based company that designed, developed, and manufactured flash memory, microcontrollers, mixed-signal and analog products, and system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.


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"I was stuck between a battle between to companies splitting"

Former Employee - Senior Manufacturing Engineer says

"A culture of abuse, disrespect and outright ugly middle-management behavior, appallingly bad. Many of the most effective cost savings tactics have been in employee benefits, compensation and forced vacations for employees in manufacturing."

Former Employee - Product Engineer II says

"No one left except losers and control freaks. No employee incentives plus ENDLESS penny wise pound foolish cuts = imminent failure."

Former Employee - Human Resource Manager says

"Management overall is horrible, especially around finance and HR."

Current Employee - Insignificant Employee says

"Very dangerous, outdated, factory. Most, if not all, safety protocols are ignored, or bypassed. It's all about manufacturing. Doesn't care about safety or well being of employees. I know people who have lost parts of fingers, had hands crushed, exposed to acids, and more. Management doesn't even ask them if they are ok. They are only concerned with trying to cover their own butts. They immediately conduct a" 5 why" investigation. On one occasion a person was hurt, and a 5 why investigation was performed. Years later the machine still has interlocks bypassed, undocumented changes, outdated specs, broken panels that protect from acid exposure, and I could go on. Safety is for filling out documentation to provide the illusion of safe working environment to customers and government regulators. Most demeaning place I've ever worked. It is a good ole boy place where The "click" is promoted. In my position people have Bachelors of Science degrees, licenses, certifications, ex-military, patents, and more. Some are promoted without ANY prior school, experience, or professional training. Needless to say we are treated like we are cashiers at a hotdog stand. NO RESPECT! Everyone is looked upon as the person with no professional training. In reality, many people in this situation have more experience, and school than management. So, I guess the idea is to demean and marginalized others to keep themselves on top. Also, this place seems to encourage trash talking. People scoff, roll eyes, yell, make fun of you in meetings. It's really unbelievable! Very disappointing when you consider this is a " high tech" semiconductor company."

Current Employee - Product Engineer says

"- Continual and regular (every 18 months) lay-offs make this company a poor career choice. This leads to a culture of everyone being fearful to make important decisions, in case they are the next to be made redundant. - For a technology company, investment in engineering and supporting the technical growth of engineering staff comes as an afterthought. Spansion is driven by a short-term desire to achieve quarterly fiscal targets, and little else. Long-range, future-orientated planning is non-existent. - Be extremely cautious and wary of any promises or incentives made to try to get you to 'sign-up' during the interview process."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- very low compensation - no career growth - too much politics, everybody just wants to watch out for their own fiefdoms - managers are appointed by seniority, not ability to 'manage'"

Former Employee - Chemist says

"They don't seem to run their business smartly"

Current Employee - Senior Manufacturing Engineer says

"The manufacturing facility is aging and so is the management. There are no opportunities for growth or career progression, as the mid-management team has been set in stone for over a decade. Idle mid-"managers" do a poor job of rewarding excellence and refuse to manage out poor performers."


"In experienced Senior management not knowing what is the meaning of thought leader ship and doing lip services for self promotion. No respect for Experience, Talent, Integrity, Accountability & Dedication Too many Directors & VP''s"

manager (Current Employee) says

"Most Toxic, unprofessional workplace ever. management team is unqualified and lacks leadership or ability to drive the ship. Always a CYA atmosphere, rather than a true leadership teamGood people and productsManagement, no idea a leader is or should be"

Electromechanical Technician (Former Employee) says

"This is a job, not a career I have seen them work people the whole night then at the end of the shift call them all in a huddle and tell them they are no longer needed. the hours were 7 12 hour shifts"

Member of Technical Staff (Former Employee) says

"The majority of the management team are about to retire in 2-3 years. Their actions toward accomplishing company goals are very minimal or don't care at all"

MTS/Consultant (Former Employee) says

"average payment there is no difference between good and poor performance"

Senior Analyst and Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"The management spend so much time kissing the butts of their bosses that nothing effective ever gets planned or executed. they have 24 months before the combined ineptitude will drive them BACK into bankruptcystrong ipdying product lines, inability to develop new viable products"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"- senior management have no clue what they want - too many office politics among region offices - unclear career advancement - bad management style - employees stay because can't find other jobs"

Italian Representative (Former Employee) says

"Sono stato reclutato come Rappresentante Italiano ma sono stato lasciato solo dal managment.Indipendenza organizztivascarsa comunicazione tra colleghi"

Wafer Fab Operator 2 (Former Employee) says

"The best thing is learning experience in the manufacturing industries with all the processes that go on in a daily basis.N/aHealthcare, Job Advancement"

Maintenance technician (Former Employee) says

"International company but manage by local people, so the international culture not totally practiced. Big American company but at last closed Shah Alam plant operation due to world economic crisis.meal subsidies, good medical coverage.Working in shift rotation"

Senior Industrial Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed with those EHS week programs,annual company events. Co-workers helpful work as team. Working environment is lunch"

Purchasing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This position was very flexible. I worked a lot from home. I was a contractor for the 5 years so I was not really involved with company. But, when I was there, management was good."

Engineering Tech (Current Employee) says

"A resourceful company that is growing quickly with plenty of room for advancement and opportunity. Always on the forefront of technology and production with a green attitude and mindset."

Sr. Device Technology Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It was very respectful each other and people focused. It was quite pleasant working place and coworkers. Tight but relaxed and productive places to work.Nice culturena"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Manufacturing team was the best I've ever seen. Sharp people who cared about their work and the people on their teams. Outsourced IT made it the hardest part of the job.Good PeopleOutsourced Structure"

Wafer Fab Operator, Fab25 Polish (Former Employee) says

"Worked over night with in Polish and enjoyed the supervisors to maintenance technicians. No cafeteria for the night crew but the gym is the best ! watch out for the deers !!"

Austin, Texas - Wafer Fab Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It's FAB work. Some what self explanatory. Most will be contractors for almost 2 years before they can score a permanent position. Average pay. Work 3 days one week, then 4 the next. Down side is the 12 hour work weeks.alternating 3 to 4 work days and days off.12 hour shifts. Hard steel floors."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"work is boring, compensation is average, job stability is sub par"

Manufacturing Supervisor for FAB (Former Employee) says

"Highly experienced work force, cost competitive, good work life balance, culture and benefits have taken a hit since merger with Cypress.Highly experienced work forceculture and benefits have taken a hit since merger with Cypress."

Wafer Fab Operator (Former Employee) says

"The best part of this job was the co-workers. I especially enjoyed the 3/4 4/3 work week. Having 4 days off was great for family/life balance. Considering my previous experience in photomasks, it was fascinating to see what happens after that step to see how the masks were used in the fab. I learned most steps of IC fabrications here and it was inspiring to me. My supervisor was very positive and respectful of everyone. He allowed us do our job without interfering or telling us how to do it."

Wafer Fabrication Technician (Former Employee) says

"Very long hours of being on your feet, but also plenty of days off in between."